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OFFICE HOURs in Baltimore with Wasabi Ventures has been rescheduled to December 4 because of Nasty Sandy!

As we posted earlier, the Baltimore tech scene is on fire!

Working with Wasabi Ventures, we have created a more focused WatchList that we would like your input on as we lead up to OFFICE HOURs in Baltimore on October 30th.

Please take a few minutes to offer input on any one or more of the following:

HD Scores


Parking Panda



Common Curriculum



Course Canary



Pure Bang Games


We estimate it takes about 10 minutes for a Cdling expert to develop an informed opinion on startups that are a fit for them.


UPDATE on Canadian WatchList: 18 haves

On Monday we released our most informed Canadian WatchList ever. Every startup on this list has been recommended for a potential meeting with SoftBank Capital by a top player in Canadian innovation.

So far here are the startups from that list who have been further qualified on the Cdling platform:


Uken Games












Massive Damage



XYZ Interactive

There is still time for the others on the list to collect opinions that will count.

Our Startup Grind Fireside Chat with Nikhil is sold out!

But one startup Founder still  has a chance to earn a VIP seat, front and centre.

Cdling’s Canadian WatchList

As we prepare to welcome Nikhil Khalghatgi from SoftBank’s NYC office to a Startup Grind Fireside Chat + OFFICE HOURS on October 25,  we have reached out to the most important players involved in the cross-border commercialization of technology in Canada.

Many thanks to our collaborators at MaRS Commons, the MaRS Mentor Network and top players from Waterloo, Silicon Valley, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto who responded.

If you see a startup below, it has been confidentially recommended by a top player for this WatchList.  Often by more than one player. Between now and October 20, we would be grateful for any further opinions about these startups that you may share via Cdling.

To say the least, this list is diverse. First impulse: many of these companies do not even belong on the same list for a variety of reasons.  However, I suppose the diversity is a function of the diversity of Canadian startups, top players’ perception of SoftBank’s investment profile (everyone was given the same criteria for recommendations) and SoftBank’s diverse interests.

Here is a reminder of Nikhil’s investment profile.  Cdling will prepare a report for him incorporating all input and he will make his final 5 selections for one on one meetings.

Remember: Cdling is a work in progress. This is an alpha stage experiment for us. Thank you again to everyone for their input and thanks in advance for your participation and understanding.


Here is how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Here is what to do.

In no particular order, we would like input on the following startups:

Creative D
Cream HR

Uken Games

Shiny Ads
XYZ Interactive

Privacy Analytics
Canopy Labs
In the Chat
Digital Journal
Massive Damage
Atomic Reach
GameDay Interactive

We are confident that there are errors and omissions on this list. If we have missed anyone who you think might be a fit, please email us at feedback at cdling dot com.

We look forward to your feedback.

Baltimore tech scene is on fire! Come quickly!

Thanks to Ben Decker for this meme.

Thanks to Ben Decker for this meme!


OFFICE HOURs in Baltimore with Wasabi Ventures has been rescheduled to December 4 because of Nasty Sandy!

In 1904 the city of Baltimore was on fire. “Firefighters from nearby DC, New York, and Virginia all responded, but weren’t able to help because their hose couplings wouldn’t fit on the Baltimore hydrants – no standard had yet been set. The firefighters helplessly watched as the city burned.” (thanks Ben!).

Today, the Baltimore tech scene is on fire and trying to sort out the most promising fits for their investment profile can be like drinking from a fire hose for investors from D.C., New York, Boston, Silicon Valley and beyond. Cdling is grateful for the invitation from Wasabi Ventures to introduce our platform to help startups, investors and experts build trust and connect better.

It has been exciting to develop our perception of Baltimore as we have collected our first WatchList of 50 Baltimore startups. Thank you to the investors, Founders and community animators (bloggers, meet up organizers, etc) who have made this list possible.

Most of all thank you to TK Kuegler & the team at Wasabi Ventures who approached us to initiate coverage on the amazing Baltimore/D.C. scene and has donated his time to meet with 5 startups that he will select from a report that we will deliver to him on October 26.

check out Wasabi Ventures


Here is the short term opportunity.

Here is how to take advantage of it.

Here is what to do.

In no particular order, we would like input on the following startups:

E-SIG Asset Intelligence
Pure Bang Games
Sade Wellness

BTS Software Solutions
Common Curriculum
Course Canary
Direct Dimensions
Figure 53


NV3 Technologies
Parking Panda
Point Click Switch
Unbound Concepts
Vigilant Medical

We have reached out to all of the startups on this list and you should too.

We are confident that there are errors and omissions on this list.

We look forward to your feedback.

Map of Baltimore Tech Scene

Check out this great map by Mike Brenner (@MikeMakes)

Thanks to Robert Kearns and Technically Baltimore for flagging this.

Hot Startup Profile: CompStak

Company CompStak CompStak
Location New York
Twitter CompStak
Sectors eCommerce, Real Estate, Social Media
Key Employees Michael Mandel, Vadim BelobrovkaDanny Schahar
Elevator Pitch “We create transparency in commercial real estate by gathering information that his hard to find, difficult to compile or unavailable.”

To anyone not familiar with the startup scene in New York, the three things most likely to come to their mind when you ask them about what they know about New York are probably: Wall Street, The Yankees and (expensive) Real Estate. I suppose with 9/11 being a few days ago, a few other things would come to mind as well, but those are the topics for other blogs.

As one of New York’s most well-known residents would put it, commercial real estate in the Big Apple is HUGE.

Where CompStak fits into this huge market is through their application of simple real estate metrics – specifically price per square foot – where easy exchange of commercial lease comparables can be done.

“Shouldn’t there be a database that tells you what others tenants are paying?”

Calling their metric Lease Comparables or “Comps”, CompStak provides a database of office space pricing, by the square foot. Open to all users, whether they be brokers, landlords, appraisers or researchers, the platform allows for easy comparison shopping when seeking office space. However, the true strength of CompStak lies in its use of crowdsourcing, giving power to anyone, whereas in the past it was solely in the hands of the brokerages such as CBRE and Jones Lang LaSalle.

NYC Skyline
Users can submit “comps” on completed lease transactions to the database, allowing others the ability to price out their new space better. But as CompStak explains, users can submit the comps they have, to find the comps they want or need. When searching for comps, the database allows the user to do so by a variety of factors, such as market, building, tenant, price, square footage and more.

Nice Office...

Sitting down to take a look at what CompStak has been doing, Wall Street Journal has written a few articles about the startup, including Crowd-Sourcing the Details of the Deals and Start-Ups Shake Up Office-Leasing Space.  New York Real Estate E-zine Real Deal also covered CompStak with their article New technology bets on brokers’ loose lips. Assaying the startup, AGBeat posted their article CompStak crowd sources office lease comparables.

As mentioned in the WSJ articles, CompStak operates within the same market as CoStar but also faces competition from LoopNet.

In the huge market of New York real estate, it’s probably easy to get lost, but we think CompStak will stand out well if they draw more attention. Give CompStak your attention by giving your opinion and trading CD$ on

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Hot Startup Profile: bodyADDICTS

Company bodyADDICTS  bodyADDICTS
Location New York
Twitter bodyADDICTS
Sectors Health, Social Media
Key Employees Jacob Gunther, Daniel Terc
Elevator Pitch “Train ANYWHERE” 

If there’s one thing an Internet Startup and Personal Training will have in common, it will be “development”. Of course, this word has different meanings within the two unrelated fields but the basic concepts and goals are the same.

Founded by Jacob Gunther, bodyADDICTS takes the two fields and brings them together, unifying them through the common goal of development. That is, development of an emerging market and development of personal well-being. That emerging market is one where personal training is no longer being confined to the brick and mortar fitness gyms. Conceptually speaking, bodyADDICTS is not dissimilar to the Yoga, Pilates and “bootcamp fitness” classes that are using studios and empty spaces around North America. The difference however is that bodyADDICTS is bringing all of these together through its platform and depending on your fitness needs, bringing the gym to you.

“No one saw Netflix coming. Look what happened to Blockbuster!
– Jacob Gunther (Founder of bodyADDICTS)

As more people realize the importance of staying healthy and fit, bodyADDICTS brings yet another twist to the fitness revolution happening across Canada and the U.S. No longer is it a case that to get fit, you need to go to a gym and lift weights or run on a treadmill for an hour. There are numerous methods to bettering your health and bodyADDICTS understands that.

TRX Suspension Straps


Yoga, Pilates, TRX Suspension, Kettle Bells, (Mixed) Martial Arts, Resistance training, Toning and Conditioning… These are just some of the different methods that bodyADDICTS brings to the user and fitness community. At the same time, it is doing it through providing a low-cost solution to the masses. Not everyone can justify paying over a thousand dollars a year for a gym they use two or three times a week – and that’s if a person is lucky enough to squeeze in some gym time.


By bringing a low-cost solution to those wanting to maintain their health and bringing it to them directly, bodyADDICTS has developed a platform that’s sure to make Fitness Gyms afraid. After all… bA is taking their clientele away from their brick and mortar locations and bringing them into parks for bootcamp fitness sessions and more.

And they aren’t stopping just there! Fitness isn’t just a matter of pushing your body for a set amount of time. It’s also about eating right and sleeping plenty. While bodyADDICTS can’t help you sleep more, they can help you sleep better (knowing you paid less for your last session with them than you would have through your old gym). 

Core to the success of any fitness regimen, is nutritional counselling – know what to eat, when to eat it and why. With emphasis placed on good, clean organic foods, the organic experience bodyADDICTS introduces is further enhanced, with connections to healthy food options. Moreover, these connections are not just links to health food stores, but are to healthy restaurants to eat at when you don’t have the time to cook something good at home.

If you’re not ready to push-up this startup, then maybe you should know who already is: Dr. Oz. In May 2012, bA and Dr. Oz teamed up for the Highway to Health Festival. Dr. Oz isn’t alone either. Dolce and Gabbana model Adam Senn trains with bodyADDICTS.

Other coverage: bodyADDICTS Interactive Fitness Site Launches on Yahoo (via PRWeb) and Mr. Dapper.

Because Personal Training and Fitness is such a vast field, it’s difficult to name bodyADDICTS closest competition, but similar platforms and ideas come from YuFit, NavaFit, TrainingMobs and BodyRock.TV

So, are you pumped up about this startup? Show us! Go to and give your opinion on bodyADDICTS.

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Cdling Highlights – a few little improvements

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve added a little icon to our blog.

But more importantly, we have just been added to AllTop’s directory. We’ll show up in their directory in the next 24 hours.

Hot Startup Profile: NoteSolution

Company NoteSolution  NoteSolution
Location Toronto
Twitter Notesolution
Sectors Communications, Media
Key Employees Kevin Wu, Jack Tai, Jackey Li
Elevator Pitch “Notesolution is an online note sharing platform for post secondary students.”

No one should be surprised that NoteSolution formed two years ago. Founded in September 2010, their team has built a platform for online note sharing specifically for Students. No longer students themselves, the NoteSolution team spent their summer vacation revamping the website, giving it a fresh new look and placing on their landing page a simple message to greet students and users:

“Boost your grades with the best notes and study resources”


Based on a “freemium” model – an element sure to attract students more than just periodically – NoteSolution allows students to search for study notes complementary to their courses, paying for the notes through NoteSolution’s system of credits. Students can earn more credits by uploading their own notes to NoteSolution, adding to the resource pool of notes.

As a “freemium” service students also have the option to buy more credits from NoteSolution. They also have the option to exchange their credits for cash rewards – a bonus for the keeners and honour rollers.

Magna Cum Laude

NoteSolution’s team composes of recent graduates who understand the needs of university and college students. Driven by a simple wish that they had the same kind of service when they were in school. It’s hard for us to avoid the school-based entendres and puns, but their little after-school project deserves a high GPA. [Editor’s note: I think a 4.0 should do nicely 😉 ]

Notes written about the startup have all been favourable, with coverage throughout the halls of the Internet including sites like TechVibes (which you can read here and here), Building43’s John McKenna, Canada’s Business News Network (BNN), CP24, Yahoo (via PRWeb) and MacLean’s Magazine.

Have some opinions you want to share with the Cdling class? Bring them to the front to share on NoteSolution’s profile.

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Your opinion counts. Back a Startup?

Do you have a profile on Cdling? If not, then please join our community of over 590 innovators now.


Here, in no particular order, is our latest WatchList of great startups that can use your feedback. We will incorporate your input into our report to Paul Singh, Partner at 500 Startups, probably the highest velocity, early-stage fund in the world.  Which startups should Paul select to meet with on September 10th?

Upverter EventMobi
Bunch Outreach Media
KickVox EventHoller
SimplyUS GameDay Interactive
GestSure Technologies Social Scavenger Gloveslap
GTag Technologies Relay
StockGaming Hovr
BoardSuite Oogwave
PostageApp Social Stork
Flybits Flarian
Oikoi Togethr
Enflick GooseChase
HitSend Sitata
Engrocer Axonify

If you are an innovator – investoradvisor or startup – using Cdling benefits you.


We are grateful to be working with MaRS Commons and Jolt, to host Paul Singh, Partner at 500 Startups, for another “fireside chat” and session of “Office Hours.” Get your tickets here!

During the “fireside chat,” Paul will be explaining why 500 Startups is probably the most active, high velocity early-stage fund on the planet. And he will listen to and advise on your startup’s challenges.

500 Startups, MaRS Commons, Jolt and Cdling


On Monday morning, Paul Singh will be meeting with a few selected startups that are interested in an angel investment.

If you are interested in the opportunity to meet with Paul and want your startup to be in our report, you can find all of the details here.

Be sure to take a few minutes to click through Paul Singh’s presentation: “MONEYBALL + STARTUPS.” These slides are a prerequisite to understanding the Cdling platform and approach.


Last week saw the launch of Cdling’s new blog – Cdling Highlights. We have already profiled GeeklistPricing EngineDelveChalkableSwaag.itBuyouStock Gaming and EventHoller. This new blog will be a regular feature for Cdling players where we focus on Cdling-listed startups and members, providing insights that will make it easier for you to give your opinion on

If you have or know a startup or Cdling member that should be covered, let us know.

Cdling’s LinkedIn Group
Check out our new LinkedIn group.

Improvements to Cdling
To help you discover new startups and learn more about leading innovators in the Cdling community, we’ve added a Featured Mover and Shaker section to our Leader Board.

Featured Mover  Featured Shaker

For more information please contact Michael Cayley:
408-462-5769 Sunnyvale
647-407-9598 Toronto