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Here, in no particular order, is our latest WatchList of great startups that can use your feedback. We will incorporate your input into our report to Paul Singh, Partner at 500 Startups, probably the highest velocity, early-stage fund in the world.  Which startups should Paul select to meet with on September 10th?

Upverter EventMobi
Bunch Outreach Media
KickVox EventHoller
SimplyUS GameDay Interactive
GestSure Technologies Social Scavenger Gloveslap
GTag Technologies Relay
StockGaming Hovr
BoardSuite Oogwave
PostageApp Social Stork
Flybits Flarian
Oikoi Togethr
Enflick GooseChase
HitSend Sitata
Engrocer Axonify

If you are an innovator – investoradvisor or startup – using Cdling benefits you.


We are grateful to be working with MaRS Commons and Jolt, to host Paul Singh, Partner at 500 Startups, for another “fireside chat” and session of “Office Hours.” Get your tickets here!

During the “fireside chat,” Paul will be explaining why 500 Startups is probably the most active, high velocity early-stage fund on the planet. And he will listen to and advise on your startup’s challenges.

500 Startups, MaRS Commons, Jolt and Cdling


On Monday morning, Paul Singh will be meeting with a few selected startups that are interested in an angel investment.

If you are interested in the opportunity to meet with Paul and want your startup to be in our report, you can find all of the details here.

Be sure to take a few minutes to click through Paul Singh’s presentation: “MONEYBALL + STARTUPS.” These slides are a prerequisite to understanding the Cdling platform and approach.


Last week saw the launch of Cdling’s new blog – Cdling Highlights. We have already profiled GeeklistPricing EngineDelveChalkableSwaag.itBuyouStock Gaming and EventHoller. This new blog will be a regular feature for Cdling players where we focus on Cdling-listed startups and members, providing insights that will make it easier for you to give your opinion on

If you have or know a startup or Cdling member that should be covered, let us know.

Cdling’s LinkedIn Group
Check out our new LinkedIn group.

Improvements to Cdling
To help you discover new startups and learn more about leading innovators in the Cdling community, we’ve added a Featured Mover and Shaker section to our Leader Board.

Featured Mover  Featured Shaker

For more information please contact Michael Cayley:
408-462-5769 Sunnyvale
647-407-9598 Toronto

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