Hot Startup Profile: bodyADDICTS

Company bodyADDICTS  bodyADDICTS
Location New York
Twitter bodyADDICTS
Sectors Health, Social Media
Key Employees Jacob Gunther, Daniel Terc
Elevator Pitch “Train ANYWHERE” 

If there’s one thing an Internet Startup and Personal Training will have in common, it will be “development”. Of course, this word has different meanings within the two unrelated fields but the basic concepts and goals are the same.

Founded by Jacob Gunther, bodyADDICTS takes the two fields and brings them together, unifying them through the common goal of development. That is, development of an emerging market and development of personal well-being. That emerging market is one where personal training is no longer being confined to the brick and mortar fitness gyms. Conceptually speaking, bodyADDICTS is not dissimilar to the Yoga, Pilates and “bootcamp fitness” classes that are using studios and empty spaces around North America. The difference however is that bodyADDICTS is bringing all of these together through its platform and depending on your fitness needs, bringing the gym to you.

“No one saw Netflix coming. Look what happened to Blockbuster!
– Jacob Gunther (Founder of bodyADDICTS)

As more people realize the importance of staying healthy and fit, bodyADDICTS brings yet another twist to the fitness revolution happening across Canada and the U.S. No longer is it a case that to get fit, you need to go to a gym and lift weights or run on a treadmill for an hour. There are numerous methods to bettering your health and bodyADDICTS understands that.

TRX Suspension Straps


Yoga, Pilates, TRX Suspension, Kettle Bells, (Mixed) Martial Arts, Resistance training, Toning and Conditioning… These are just some of the different methods that bodyADDICTS brings to the user and fitness community. At the same time, it is doing it through providing a low-cost solution to the masses. Not everyone can justify paying over a thousand dollars a year for a gym they use two or three times a week – and that’s if a person is lucky enough to squeeze in some gym time.


By bringing a low-cost solution to those wanting to maintain their health and bringing it to them directly, bodyADDICTS has developed a platform that’s sure to make Fitness Gyms afraid. After all… bA is taking their clientele away from their brick and mortar locations and bringing them into parks for bootcamp fitness sessions and more.

And they aren’t stopping just there! Fitness isn’t just a matter of pushing your body for a set amount of time. It’s also about eating right and sleeping plenty. While bodyADDICTS can’t help you sleep more, they can help you sleep better (knowing you paid less for your last session with them than you would have through your old gym). 

Core to the success of any fitness regimen, is nutritional counselling – know what to eat, when to eat it and why. With emphasis placed on good, clean organic foods, the organic experience bodyADDICTS introduces is further enhanced, with connections to healthy food options. Moreover, these connections are not just links to health food stores, but are to healthy restaurants to eat at when you don’t have the time to cook something good at home.

If you’re not ready to push-up this startup, then maybe you should know who already is: Dr. Oz. In May 2012, bA and Dr. Oz teamed up for the Highway to Health Festival. Dr. Oz isn’t alone either. Dolce and Gabbana model Adam Senn trains with bodyADDICTS.

Other coverage: bodyADDICTS Interactive Fitness Site Launches on Yahoo (via PRWeb) and Mr. Dapper.

Because Personal Training and Fitness is such a vast field, it’s difficult to name bodyADDICTS closest competition, but similar platforms and ideas come from YuFit, NavaFit, TrainingMobs and BodyRock.TV

So, are you pumped up about this startup? Show us! Go to and give your opinion on bodyADDICTS.

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